We lift our hands in praise to the Lord for His faithfulness and provision. The Sabbath Egg Poultry project began over a year ago with a vision. It was a three-part vision to A) meet a malnutrition need in the community, B) provide sustainable income for the TLAfrica Rwanda office and C) become a training resource for the future Thousand Hills International University.

The Sabbath Egg project is located on the same land that we are currently building the Thousand Hills Conference Center. It’s down a really rough dirt road on the perimeter of town, a little over 4 miles/6 kilometers from the main open-air produce market. The ground is full of lava rocks, but the trees have grown tall surrounding the mud brick homes. Malnutrition is a reality for every family. The vision of TLAfrica is to meet this need right in the heart of the community, both by location and provision.

September 5, 2020 was the fulfillment of the first phase of our dream!

We were able to distribute 300 eggs to the community!

By the gracious and generous donations of our supporters, we have 400 chickens and the Sabbath Egg project is in full production. On the first Saturday of every month eggs will be distributed to multiple families. Thirty families attended our first distribution event and each families received 10 eggs!  It was a joyous event full of so much praise. Women were dancing and singing, children were smiling and playing.

Dr. Faustin Ntamushabora said it best, “Faith makes the supernatural become a reality.” We have seen this happen time and time again, and every time we are amazed and humbled by God’s sovereignty.