Welcome to our Economic Empowerment Programs webpage, where we are dedicated to fostering economic independence and community resilience through a comprehensive array of initiatives. At the heart of our efforts lies our micro-business loan program, specifically designed to empower women and youth to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey in sectors such as agriculture, tailoring, shoe making, and more. But we don’t stop at providing financial support alone. Our program also offers robust business training and fosters small group fellowships, providing participants with the knowledge, skills, and support network needed to thrive in their ventures.

In addition to our micro-loan program, we proudly introduce the Sabbath Egg initiative, a groundbreaking program aimed at addressing malnutrition among vulnerable families with children. By providing essential nutritional support through the distribution of eggs, we ensure that struggling households have access to vital resources for healthy development.

Furthermore, our livestock gifting programs extend a lifeline to pastors and leaders in need, equipping them with cows and goats to bolster their income and strengthen their communities. Together, these initiatives represent our unwavering commitment to building a brighter, more prosperous future for all, one empowered individual and community at a time. Join us in our mission to make lasting change a reality.