TLAfrica is deeply committed to a multifaceted approach to equipping African leaders with the necessary tools for effective leadership that is rooted in both sound biblical teaching, skills development and christ-like servant leadership of living by example. TLAfrica aims to raise up new generations of spiritual leaders that are rooted in the teaching and unwavering love and life of Jesus Christ.

Here’s a breakdown of some key aspects of your mission and programs:

  • Empowering African Leaders :: Pastors in Africa do not receive a salary from their congregation. With the teaching and service demands, this often results in physical and financial hardships for their families. Beyond biblical teaching, TLAfrica is committed to addressing pastoral care, family and marriage mentorship and providing resources to nutrition and income. There are also programs provided for women leaders in the church, and empowerment programs to help them provide at home.
  • Effective Teaching :: The primary mission of TLAfrica is to provide the opportunity and means for pastors and community leaders to learn how to read, interpret, live and teach the true Word of God. With a hands-on approach to learning, leaders not only gain knowledge but also receive guidance and support from experienced mentors. We emphasize the importance of proper biblical studies and preaching in leadership development. This ensures that leaders have a strong foundation in biblical principles and are able to effectively communicate them to their congregations.
  • Christ-like Leadership :: Every class and ministry provided has a central emphasis to the concept of leading by example which is characterized by qualities such as servant leadership, compassion, integrity, and humility, as displayed in the life of Jesus Christ. Programs include marriage enrichment programs that also touch on parenting and pastoral retirement workshops.
  • Production of Training Manuals :: By producing training manuals on various topics of church leadership, TLAfrica facilitates ongoing learning and development beyond formal training programs. These manuals serve as valuable resources that leaders can reference for church organizational leadership and policies.
  • Self-Sustainability :: These are initiatives aimed at fostering economic independence and resilience within communities. These include providing micro business loans and entrepreneurial training to women and youth, offering scholarships for school fees and materials to ensure access to education, distributing food and medical relief to address immediate needs, and supplying livestock such as cows and goats for sustained nutrition and income generation. By empowering individuals through entrepreneurship, education, and access to essential resources, these programs work to break the cycle of poverty and build sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable populations.

Overall, TLAfrica’s mission and programs demonstrate a commitment to nurturing competent, compassionate, and spiritually-grounded leaders who can positively impact their communities and advance the Kingdom of God.