March 2023

TL Africa exists to strengthen and encourage evangelical leaders in East Africa to bring transformation to churches and communities through their ministries.  The following is an example from a recent report by Solange Balikunde:

Pastor Mutesa and Flora and family.

“On February 5th, we visited Haaraloth Covenant Church in the suburbs of Kigali. The newly planted church needed Bibles for congregants.  This church was founded by Mutesa John and his wife Flora Mutamba in 2017. It is a place where people walk a long distance to go to church.

At first, it was hard to bring people together because of tribal divisions.  But John and his wife found a way to share the gospel with people in this area:  They started reaching out through sports and other activities that would bring the youth together. This made it possible to share the gospel with the parents.  Now the church has over 71 adult members and 159 youth that were evangelized through soccer.

The church is made up of Missional Communities. These are small groups of 10 to 20 people that do life together as a family. They meet regularly to share meals, study the Bible (although most do not own a Bible in the Kinyarwanda language), pray for the community, engage in mission work together, and serve in other ways to transform neighborhoods by showing the love of Christ.

Dr. Faustin teaches at the church service wehn presenting Bibles.

The Sunday we visited was called “Thanks-giving Sunday”. The church invites all people in the local area (Mulinja) as well as government leaders to come and praise God together. The service is infused with joy and hope for a better future in Christ.

100 Bibles were given out.

Dr. Faustin preached about how small groups are essential for church growth because believers sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17). This leads to trust and the willingness to openly share one’s heart with other believers.  We know that, in all relationships, people can hurt one another, but as Christians, we are called to forgive as God has forgiven us in Christ.(Ephesians 4:32)  At the end of the service, Bibles in the Kinyarwanda language were given to congregants. The Bibles had been purchased thanks to a donation by CrossBridge Community Church in San Antonio,Texas.  Pastor John said, “This will help us to disciple them, and they can study and see that what we are teaching is not our own stuff but the Word of God.”  Please pray for churches like this bringing transformation to East Africa!

WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS!  God is working, but the needs are great.

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