by Dr. Faustin Ntamushobora

Celebrating Pentecost week this year, many churches in Africa believe that it is a time for deep emotions, healings, agitation, falling down, etc. The truth is, however, that Africa needs a better understanding of the Holy Spirit: how He works in individuals, in the church and in communities.

In 2008, when I went to Biola University for my doctoral studies, Pastor Ed Morsey (my pastor for all the five years that we lived in California) asked me, “Faustin, what is the number one need of the Church in Africa”? Without hesitating I responded, “Teaching. That is the greatest need!” Fifteen years later, this is still true. To have true orthodoxy, we must have sound Biblical teaching.

Recently we have learned of sad news from the Shakhahola Forest at the Kenyan coast. A pastor taught about miracles and fasting to death as a way to go to heaven. This pastor’s false teaching claimed more than two hundred lives. In the eyes of the innocent and ignorant people following him, he was a man of God filled with the Holy Spirit! If only they had known that the Holy Spirit does not lead in this way.

Today, the need for Thousand Hills International University is more urgent than ever before. False teachings are being spread, sometimes in our very own neighborhood churches. We need pastors who can teach the truth that will change the worldview of people. One of the true teachings that Africans need to hear is that where the Holy Spirit is, there is unity and purpose. The Holy Spirit descended on disciples while they were united in prayer, faith, hope, and purpose (Acts 1:12-26).

What gives me joy this season of Pentecost is the fact that Africans in Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda have been “united in prayer, faith, hope, and purpose”. They have responded to the challenge of raising funds to buy furniture for THIU, being united in this purpose: To see Africans educated with a curriculum that is holistic and transformative. Some of those who have donated gave their entire salaries. Isn’t this the evidence of the Holy Spirit’s work in their hearts? Here is a list of the donations that we have received:

  • Rwanda has a goal to raise $7,819 USD. We have already received around $4,034 USD.
  • The Kenyan board has set a target of raising $10,000 USD. So far, we have $3,000 USD.
  • DR Congo has already been able to raise $2055 USD.

We have already identified the person/shop that will make the furnishings. In the first phase we plan to fully furnish 15 rooms, then we will furnish the rest as we get the funds.

Please ask God how He can use you to help to complete the building of THIU! In our previous letter which was posted on our web site, tells in detail the work that remains to make the building ready to use. You may donate on the web site or mail your gift to

P.O. Box 1626
La Mirada, CA 90637