My husband was always abusive, challenging me to contribute in meeting the family’s expenses. He accused me of being lazy, but I couldn’t find a job. Whenever casual work was available, the pay was meager.

As a young wife I became pregnant and life was hard, but I trusted God to provide. By the time I gave birth to my first baby, I was still living in a difficult situation.

God answered my prayers! Mama Salome came to my neighborhood one afternoon to empower women in need. When she met us she listened to our stories and asked what we wanted to do to generate income for our families. Myself and a few other women expressed a desire to train as tailors. We were immediately enrolled in sewing school, and at graduation TLAfrica, Inc. gave each of us a sewing machine.. When I took it home my husband was elated and proud of my progress! I began sewing, and now have many customers bringing me fabric to make clothes for them. In addition to making outfits for my clients, I sew clothes for my husband and children too.

I am now a proud wife and working mother of two. Praise God for His provision! I am no longer ‘a thing’ as my husband regarded me in the past. I have regained my dignity.

My life is transformed! I pray that God blesses all those who contributed to changing my life.

Because of your support, TLAfrica, Inc sent 12 women from Buhaza, Rwanda to a dress making class this summer and gifted each woman with a sewing machine at graduation. Thanks for your partnership!