Living in the capital city, Kagali, Rwanda, is challenging. The standard of living is higher, leaving most low-income families unable to afford food, rent, or basic needs.

Obtaining a small loan from a bank is nearly impossible for citizens without a source of income—the loan conditions are unreasonable regardless.

For many women in the Kicukiro Women’s Group, the TLAfrica micro-loan program saved their life. As one member explains, “I was miserable! Living or dying, it was the same for me. I was physically and spiritually poor. When I joined the ministry of TLAfrica, I regained my physical and emotional strength.”

With a small loan, each of the women in the group can now buy produce from farmers and sell them for a higher price in the market, along with starting other small startups.

More than just a loan, the women get a new lease on life. Each week, they fellowship together—reading the Bible, confessing their struggles, and learning to pray. Sharing in a group setting they build each other up—an outcome far more valuable than any money they earn from their small businesses. The now have income, self-esteem, and a renewed hope that God is working in their lives.