Fixing their eyes away from each other, the two women sat in opposite corners of the room. After Consolata became a widow at a young age, she married her husband’s brother—a village custom in rural Kenya. As the second wife to Sarah, bitterness and resentment grew.

While attending a TLAfrica Women’s Empowerment Conference on trauma healing and reconciliation in 2014, Consolata spoke, “I would like before God and all of you to apologize for the hurts I have caused and to be reconciled to Sarah.” The two women said their apologies and embraced. Their wounds now healed; the jovial ladies could seek peace.

We visited the family this spring to check in on them. At the entrance to Consolata’s home the white washed house beams in the sunlight. At first glance you wouldn’t know it is built of mud and timber. Her husband, John, is chopping firewood for their outdoor kitchen and warmly welcomes us.

As the clouds grow thicker outside, we quickly get to the point of our visit before the rain makes the roads impassable. We ask to see the cow that TLAfrica gave Consolata. After a five-minute walk, we find the calf in Sarah’s compound. It’s required for recipients of a TLAfrica cow to give the first calf to someone in the village as a sign of reconciliation. Surprisingly, Consolata chose Sarah!

Since the seminar the two women are enjoying each other’s company. They excitedly share how reconciliation has brought joy to their husband, children, extended family and church. What a blessing to hear how God is moving in the lives of those we minister to!