Rose Uwineza is one of the beneficiaries of the Women Empowerment Program (WEP) of TLAfrica. She lives in Goma, Keshero, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with her husband, Jacques Ahoba Ndeze, and their eleven children. She is a member of a local Baptist Church, Sayuni, and she has seen God providing for her family in amazing ways.

“My husband is a teacher and we have very limited finances to pay school fees for our eleven children. One of our children is at the University, eight are in secondary school and three are in primary school. Last year, my son secretly fled from Goma because he was not comfortable with our difficult lifestyle. I searched for him, but could not find any news about where he was. Furthermore, there were some days when I could not pay school fees for my children to sit for their exams. I proceeded to ask my friends for a loan and promised to refund it within a few months, but this did not work out. I was very broke and I did not know what to do.

But thanks be to God! In September 2018, I received a message that said, ‘You are going to receive a loan of $100 from TLAfrica DR Congo.’ I got the money then, invested it in a small business selling mandazi (local donuts), French fries, and soda. I was able to disburse the loan with some savings. Then last year in July 2019, TLAfrica added more money to our group because we were doing well in paying back. At that time my loan plus my savings raised to $360! I managed to pay school fee for my children. I put the rest of the money back into my business and was able to refund this loan in six months’ time. I saved $300 out of the total amount and together with my husband’s savings we were able to buy a motorcycle for $700. My son now drives the motorcycle for business, and this has helped us to pay school fees and cater for our basic needs. Now my source of revenue is increasing.

Am grateful to TLAfrica for transforming my life and that of my family! May the Lord lift TLAfrica higher!

We hope to receive another loan in the near future and use it mindfully, hopefully to buy our own plot. Truly, God cares for every detail of our lives. To God be the Glory!”


Interviewed by Kavira Neema

TLAfrica D.R. Congo

Goma, February 2020