Easter Devotional by Rev. Gilbert Habimana,

Serving on the TLAfrica Board of Directors in Rwanda

At some point in history, Africa was called a continent of darkness because it seemed to be ruled by ancestral spirits, ignorance, witchcraft, poverty, cruelty, etc. It was the real picture of what Jesus said in Luke 22:53: “…. But this is the time when the power of darkness reigns.” Today we see that the whole world has come under the power of darkness. Everywhere there is a threatening increase of injustice, exploitation, terrorism, fornication, sexual abuse, killings, and many more evils. People claim to be in favor of so-called “human rights”, yet they engage in these things hoping to get a better life. But nothing good ever comes out of them.

Here is the good news! The resurrection of Jesus confirmed His claim to be the light of the world. The grave could not withhold His Life. He is alive! The darkness of death could not overshadow His light.  Only a life that is ruled by Jesus can overcome the power of darkness and be filled with joy, peace, love, freedom, wisdom, and fullness of life.

As you celebrate another Easter, allow Jesus to take full control of your life, so that you can overcome the power of darkness! May God help you to embrace the light that leads to life–(John 8:12): “Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness because you have the light that leads to life.’” (NLT)

Word from Faustin Ntamushobora,
TLAfrica Founder and CEO

It’s now fifteen years since TLAfrica was founded and Salome and I can now see the fruit of our labor. Indeed, transformation is taking place in Africa through the transformational teaching that we have inculcated into our people. Some of the pastors are planting new churches; others are using material taught in our conferences for discipleship, others are paying school fees for their children using the funds from the cows that were given to them as gifts a few years ago.

The most recent fruit of transformation is the response of pastors from Kenya, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, to TLAfrica appeal to support the project of Thousand Hills International university. Right now, the Africa Boards in Kenya, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo are raising funds for furniture for the University project, as agreed upon when we began the building project. Funds to build will come from the USA, but funds to equip the building will come from Africa. And indeed, this is happening. Is this not a true sign of transformation?

It is expected that $50,000 will be raised in the three countries, and already $8,000 is in TLAfrica’s accounts in Kenya, Rwanda and the DR Congo for furniture, and $9,000 more has been pledged. And so, the fundraising process continues. Our strategy is to buy the furniture as soon as possible and put it in the building. In the next issue of Transformer we will share a video of the furniture.
I would, therefore, like to appeal to friends in the West, to continue supporting the completion of the University project.
Two weeks ago, myself and Solange, the Rwanda staff who co-ordinates the work of THIU Project, and four Rwandan scholars involved in teaching and administration in Universities in Rwanda, went for a retreat where we discussed and gathered information for an application for accreditation of THIU in the Higher Education Council. We are, therefore, progressing well in terms of processes, but we need to complete the building as well.
Here are the phases for which we are seeking funds:

Happy Easter and thank you for your partnership in making Thousand Hills International University a reality.

Faustin Ntamushobora, PhD
President & CEO
TLAfrica, Inc.