Greetings to our beloved TLAfrica family!
Salome and I are excited to share the news about a big transition in our lives and ministry!
When we finished our time at Biola we relocated back to Nairobi in 2013 to establish the work of TLAfrica. Many relationships had been developed in the USA and the ministry began to build with a good base of prayerful support. With time passing, we have only been able to make relatively short visits to the USA of one or two months to maintain these relationships and cultivate new ones. Our base of support has suffered attrition for a number of reasons, while the monthly needs of TLAfrica have grown.

For this reason we applied for permanent residency in the USA and the Lord granted this to us! Now, not only can we reside in the USA for longer periods, but we can also visit other places such as Canada, Ireland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, etc., which were difficult to visit with the tourist visa we had previously. In early June, we arrived in Texas and after a short time of recuperation, we will
have four main objectives:
  1. With the help of the USA Board, we will recruit new Board members who will come with new connections, new resources and new talents and experiences.
  2. We pray that God will supply the resources to hire full time staff for the U.S. office.
  3. It is also my prayer that my presence in the USA would help make Thousand Hills International University a reality. We need funds to complete the building; we need a library; we need partnerships with other organizations and foundations–and all of these would be hardly achieved from Musanze.
  4. We pray that the Lord would open doors for connections with other places other than the USA for the sake of the Kingdom of Christ.
My joy is that this transition is happening when the offices in Africa are functioning well under the leadership of Nelson Kilonzo, our Africa Director. Also, the coming of Solange Balikunde who has been working in Rwanda and who has served as a very capable and gifted Personal Assistant to me, is going to strengthen the team. I am not therefore afraid of being away at this time. Please pray for this big transition. All of this is not easy as you can imagine. Also, for those of you in the USA, please start praying for possible connections. I will be working primarily with you all who are reading this email.
Thank you for your partnership in this ministry!
With gratitude for the Lord’s grace and mercies,
Faustin & Salome
We have a new Phone Number in the
USA: (682)389-9100
Please be praying for 2 Pastoral Leadership Institutes happening soon in Rwanda, directed by our African team:
  • July 24-28:
    Marriage Conference in Musanze, Rwanda led by Dr. John Salvesen and his wife Carolyn from Bear Creek Bible Church in Keller, Texas
  • August 7-11:
    Biblical Preaching in Musanze, Rwanda led by Rev. Todd Hikemann, Professor of Homiletics at Baylor University in Waco, Texas