It was three years ago when Jeanette’s life changed forever. There in the dusty church in her hometown of Karenge Sector, Rwanda, six women formed a group named Tabitha.

With an initial investment from TLAfrica, these determined ladies began a booming agriculture business and found spiritual revival for their souls in the process. Now they have their sights on an even bigger harvest that will change their community.

Before joining the Tabitha Group, Jeannette Nimukuze struggled to pay school fees and health insurance for her five children. Crying out to God for direction, her answer came when she found out about business loans offered through the TLAfrica ministry at her church.

With an initial investment of 500 USD, Jeanette’s group wisely invested in the agriculture market growing and selling sorghum, maize, and beanseveryday staples in Rwanda. With fertile soil and a mild climate, crops grow easily in the region. The group leases land and harvests the crops every three months to sell to the local community.

Meeting each Sunday for discipleship, their faith has grown as much as their profits. Just as Tabitha from Acts 9 in the Bible was always helping people, the women in the Tabitha Group want to give back and bless women in their community.

Now that the initial loan is almost paid off, the group dreams of venturing into the milk business. Noticing how it is a struggle for people in their village to purchase dairy products, the Tabitha group plan to make milk easily accessible through their new venture. By opening a business in their community they can continue bringing more women out of poverty and minister to their spiritual needs in the process.

This faithful group will continue to carry on the transforming power of God’s love and the mission of TLAfrica. Praise God!