Thirty-nine year old Uzabari Joseph was discouraged. He didn’t have enough money to buy food or pay school fees for his three children last month. Living on a pastor’s salary in Rwanda is difficult—wages are sparse, while family and communal needs are large.

Uzabari became a Christian in 1998 and shortly after God called him into ministry. Growing up in an impoverished village in southern Rwanda, he relies on his faith whenever he feels unworthy in his calling, “Thank God for his goodness, because he does not choose us to work in his vineyard based on our background.”

Each week Uzabari preaches to a congregation of 80 in the Kiyovu- Nyamagabe District, Rwanda, where he bikes or walks 12 miles  to reach the church. The financial support he receives from tithing averages 2000-3000 Rwandan Franks a month, or the equivalent of $2 to $3—not enough to adequately provide for his wife and children.

Uzabari dreams of attending Thousand Hills International University (THIU). By gaining an education he can offer better economic provision to himself and those he serves, while also grow in his ability to effectively teach the word of God.

His journey to THIU begins with English classes. TLAfrica, Inc. currently teaches courses in Kigali, Musanze, and Gisenyi, Rwanda, where prospective students learn advanced English composition that prepares them for university level courses.

Every two weeks, Uzabari spends six hours in Kigali, Rwanda, perfecting his spoken and written English as he moves one step closer to his dream of a university degree.

Because of your donations, 67 students are participating in these English classes, including 46 future THIU students. We couldn’t do it without you, thanks for your faithfulness!