Pastoral Leadership Marriage Conference 2021 Continued….


Morning session, we examined what servant leadership from Jesus’ perspective. We understood that servant leadership is service to God and others. We discussed true spirituality vs fake spirituality and we had engaging group discussions.

In the afternoon session we examined servant leadership from Paul and Peter. Our emphasis was on the passage of Titus 1:5-9 & (1 Timothy 3:1-7) and1 Peter 5. Then we discussed some cultural hindrances of servant leadership, a session that was facilitated by Dr. Faustin Ntamushobora and Pastor Jon Salvesen. Faustin challenged the pastors to follow what the Bible says instead of entangling their wives. For him, applying biblical principles of marriage will empower our spouses while following negative cultural principles will entangle, cripple and wound our spouses.


On Saturday Rev. Kamanzi spoke about servant leadership in the community and called leaders and their spouses to be salt and light in their communities, and to make an impact that makes Christ glorified where we live. Pastor John Salvesen ended with explaining how we should share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a simple but powerful way.

Every session had questions that participants were discussing in small groups and we also had time to receive the report of each group. As I (Faustin) was going around, I enjoyed sitting in each group and listening to hot discussions – very healthy and transformative!

Also, every day we ended with a session that I called “Insights for the day” and several participants would share lessons that had impacted their lives from all the teachings of the day, beginning with morning devotions.

Before Graduation in Saturday, we allowed some few people to give their testimonies.

Pastor Osee had this to say, “I thank God for visiting me this week. God literally spoke to me through the teaching. I confess that I have failed in many ways and I ask God to forgive me. I am leaving equipped to know my spouse better and I am glad that I have understood better how I can be a true biblical servant leader following the example of Christ as opposed to following the secular world’s perspective.”

One of the pastors’ wives said, “The illustration of Pastor John on loving the wife and submitting to the husband was powerful. When our husbands do not love us the way they should, it’s like closing oxygen through which a marine in the ocean is breathing. So, is it when we don’t submit to our husband! I am going home to discuss with my husband how we could provide more oxygen to each other instead of closing it and suffocating our partner, thus killing our marriage.”

This conference was transformative. Pastor John Salvesen is an excellent teacher of the Word. Every participant was listening carefully, noting down every detail of the session. I thank Bear Creek Bible Church for sharing their pastor and Brother Jim, a very talented administrator with us. I hope our partnership will continue so we may impact more pastors and churches.

I also would like to thank the two for their courage. I know people are afraid to travel because of COVID-19, but the two came. I pray that other friends take a step of faith and come to join us to train their fellow servants. All the glory to God!

Faustin Ntamushobora, PhD

President & CEO – TLAfrica, Inc.

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