He Lost His Home, but Not His Hope

Last year 1.7 million people in the DR Congo fled their homes, Jeremy was one of them.

Fifty-eight-year old Reverened Nkurikiyimana Musanganya Jeremy is married with three children. He leads a congregation of 150 at the Baptist Church in Burungu, DR Congo. Jeremy preaches the hope of Jesus in a region marked with poverty and conflict.

Jeremy’s family home in the North Kivu Province of DR Congo is insecure due to the ongoing ethnic clashes – Eastern Congo has seen some of the worst massacres over more than two decades of conflict. The area is rich in mineral wealth and harbors a proliferation of militias who continue to destabilize the area.

Jeremy and his son were kidnapped last year by a ruthless warlord but escaped unharmed after handing over their property, clothes, and USD 200. After this experience, Jeremy relocated to a safer neighborhood, but he struggled to provide for his family – work as a day laborer is hard to find.

Apart from serving in the church, Jeremy earned roughly USD 50 a month – not enough to meet all his family’s needs.

Through a friend, Jeremy learned about the Pastoral Leadership Institute (PLI) Marriage Enrichment Conference and immediately enrolled he and his wife in the 3-year program.

Jeremy is grateful to TLAfrica for equipping him with Biblical teachings. “My faith in God is strengthened despite all I have suffered,” says Jeremy. “I learned how to evangelize to non-believers, and I am inspired to glorify Christ as a leader of my household and church.”

Along with spiritual nourishment, Jeremy graduated from the PLI in July 2018 and received a dairy cow as a gift. He currently supplements his income by selling milk and can now provide for his family while serving in ministry. Praise God for the TLAfrica supporters who made Jeremy’s redemption story possible.

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