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The TLAfrica Youth Empowerment Programs train young people to discover their potential, develop their talents, and practice their spiritual gifts. TLAfrica offers three different intervention programs for youth with the goal of enabling a new generation of leaders to transform their communities for Christ.

The goal of the YLD is to empower youth leaders through networking, mentoring and training by equipping them with skills for leadership and community transformation. Specifically, the YLD aims at:

  • Bringing together youth leaders from churches, universities, Christian NGOs and Youth in Business to discuss opportunities, challenges, and strategies of partnership that could lead to greater transformation of the society in this era of globalization.
  • Training and mentoring youth leaders through integrated learning processes that aligns their faith, values, worldviews, intellect and response to societal issues.
  • Fostering servant leadership values and skills among the youth so that they can lead, manage and steward with godly values.

Our main focus over time has been in training and empowering church and ministry leaders. Yet, according to African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP), “About 41% of the people in the continent are below 15 years old while another 19% are youth between 15 and 24 years old.” These statistics show that the youth constitute the bulk of the African population.

Furthermore, with the projected growth of the African population, the percentage of the youth will almost certainly increase. Wisdom, therefore, calls for the training and empowerment of African youth to lead and impact society. The capacity to holistically transform our communities would be accelerated by engaging youth leaders in this process. The youth have the zeal, strength and boldness to be agents of change in their communities, if effectively empowered. It is with this mind that the Youth Leadership Training Program was initiated.

The purpose of the YLD is to mobilize youth and facilitate their training, mentorship and networking so that they are transformed into agents of holistic change in their communities.

Youth Leadership Institute

The Youth Leadership Institute prepares youth leaders to serve other youth in their congregations and communities. The curriculum comprises of courses in bible, theology, ministry, entrepreneurship and other skill-based courses that help the youth to generate resources to become self-reliant.

Youth Empowerment Program

The Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) is a micro loan program for youth. The youth are given funds to begin some income generating small businesses and at the end they are able to sustain themselves with the benefits they receive from the business.


Kajiado is a semi-arid area in Kenya’s Rift Valley area. The area has salty water, unsuitable for human consumption. In 2016, a group of 15 young people came together to source fresh water from a neighboring town in bulk and retail in smaller quantities to the community members. TLAfrica supported the group with a loan of $700 USD with which they bought a 10,000 liters water tank in which they stored the water. With the tank, they were able to buy the water in bulk and thus cut transport costs. The business has been running profitably and the group has been able to supply the community with fresh water without needing our further support. They have employed 1 person at the water point. The group was successfully weaned from TLAfrica in 2018.

“My name is Murekaze Bernadette. Growing up as an orphan, I was raised by a good Samaritan who took care of me from my grandmother. The burden of paying my school fees was so heavy on my guardian who had other five children that she needed to take care of. Therefore, I would be in and out of school due to lack of school fees, and there were moments when it seemed impossible to continue my education. However, I trusted God with hope and faith that the challenge will end. I thank the opportunity of the scholarship given to me through TLAfrica. Since the year 2019, I was able to continue with my studies and I am happy to say that finally I made it to complete my secondary education where my result come out on December 4th, 2023. I am happy that I passed well and my hope is that God will open door for my university education.Thank you so much to all that contributed to my achievement. God bless you all!”


Kinihira youth empowerment program is a project for students in secondary school (Jr. High & High School) from humble background who are sponsored. This project started in 2019 with 19 beneficiaries. There was a need for a long-term and sustainable solution to help cover the costs of school and materials. TLAfrica partnered with the Kinihira church leadership to identify the tea farm project as an income generating activity, so the 1/2 acre (2,000 square meter) tea farm was bought in 2022.

So far, the program has graduated six students who did well. In fact, one of the students got a sponsor and is currently taking his college diploma. Another one was devoted to serve her county and is currently working with Rwanda correctional services. The rest are still waiting to join higher education.

The tea harvest has faced challenges, including a long drought leading to poor harvest affecting the fee payment plan.

Currently the project has 11 students who receive scholarships to assist with their secondary school fees and materials each term.

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