Project Description


E X P A N D I N G the dream. The training center construction project will provide permanent facilities for the Pastoral Leadership Institute, as well as a future home for the expansion, Thousand Hills International University. Prospective students are currently participating in English classes in preparation for university courses.

PLI will be located on 7 acres of land already acquired in Musanze, Rwanda. Classes will begin using the PLI training center facilities as soon as the first building is completed. The land is strategically located within a reasonable distance to South Western Uganda, Eastern Congo and Burundi, providing a great opportunity for the educational and community initiatives to impact all 4 countries.



In our final push to complete Thousand Hills International University, we need an additional $300,000. A gracious donor has offered to donate the final $100,000 after we have raised the first $200,000.

Help us reach our $200,000 goal to finish funding a training an conference center for grassroots pastors.

The Lord is doing this so that His name may be glorified when men and women are equipped for the work of ministry in this place.  The Conference Center we are building is going to be an emblem of God’s faithfulness.  

In 2009 the Lord began to stir my heart for a University. When I wrote about my dream for a University in my book, Transformation Through the Different Other; one who read the first manuscript was not comfortable that I could write something that did not yet exist. They asked me, “Do you have land for the University about which you are dreaming?” I said, “No.” They asked, “Do you have any promise for funds?” I said “No. I am moving by faith, but I know it’s from the Lord.” We bought 8 pieces of land. The other piece of land was funded by friends whom we invited to come to Rwanda to facilitate a retreat for our board members. Over the next few years of planning, we took pastors and leaders visiting from the USA and Kenya to pray over the land. Every time we would visit the land, children in the area would all come to welcome us, sing, and dance for the Lord. I told those visiting, “These children are my future University students.”

With prayer, the time came when we developed the architectural drawings. Through several revisions, we finally came to an agreed architectural plan that we believed was possible through faith. Indeed, I have faith that the work that the Lord has started will be brought to completion.

  • By faith the Lord has been touching the hearts of people so they may give sacrificially to the construction project.
  • By faith one family decided to set up a tribute fund in memory of their son.
  • By faith one anonymous family decided to sacrificially give monthly.
  • By faith the Lord moved the heart of a family to set up a successful matching campaign for the December 2020 fundraiser.
  • By faith the Lord will continue to touch hearts of people from all over the world to give to complete the building.

Since 2008, we have been facilitating biblical training for grassroots pastors throughout the Great Lakes region (Rwanda, Burundi, and DR Congo) because 86% of these pastors do not have any ministerial training at all. TLAfrica has trained more than 600 pastors in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo and Uganda. The trainings were carried out in partnership with churches from the United States. Every time we hosted a conference, we would rent the space. The cost would be too high and at times the schedule would conflict with their activities to the point that we were forced to change our plans, but by owning the facilities we will use it bountifully to train ministers year round and do it at a reasonable cost. The training classrooms will have a capacity for 80 people, plus we will be able to provide room and board for up to 60 people at a time. Additionally, a business center with 4 computers and bible teaching software will be available for local pastors and our staff offices will be relocated to the facility.  Our proposed conference schedule includes the following:

  • 2 Sessions of our Pastoral Leadership Institute for two weeks per year
  • 2 Marriage conferences per year
  • 2 Seminars for youth leaders per year
  • 2 week-long conferences for women leaders per year
  • 2 week-long Back to the Bible conferences per year
  • We will launch THIU Programs, beginning with Theology. We are examining how the Theology program could be accredited by the Accrediting Council of Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA) so that our graduates have an opportunity to continue their graduate studies in accredited institutions. Every student doing theology will also take a trade course among the following: Culinary arts; auto mechanics; agriculture and masonry. We are praying that in the future we may begin constructing the workshops and raising funds to buy equipment.

The Conference Center is a means that the Lord is providing to fulfill His desire of seeing pastors and others equipped for the work of ministry. Those who are supporting the work of construction of the Conference Center are honoring our Lord God, for they are partnering with Him to fulfill His purposes.

Faustin Ntamushobora, PhD
President & CEO
TLAfrica, Inc.

“Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others”

John Maxwell


  • Inaugural four-year undergraduate program taught in English

  • Degree plan will prepare Christian leaders for service within the church, communities, and organizations in Africa and abroad

  • Includes a practical minor in Community Development

  • Offered on a modular basis with students coming on campus four months a year: Apr., Jul., Aug., and Dec.

  • Students use the remaining time for research, internships, and experiential learning


  • Program will include two pilot projects of organic farming and animal husbandry

  • Pastors-in-training will be tent makers in their community and role models for stewardship

  • Minor will integrate trade skills in the future as the demand in East Africa continues to grow

  • Potential programs offered include mechanics, plumbing, HVAC, and construction

  • Pastors will make an income, and open new doors for the gospel using their acquired skill



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