A Gift That Changed Everything

My heart pounding from worry, I pulled the last gift out of the wrinkled bag. It was just enough. In the middle of rural Rwanda, surrounded by a group of women giggling with joy, the power of God showed up and I stood in awe.

He Lost His Home, but Not His Hope

Last year 1.7 million people in the DR Congo fled their homes, Jeremy was one of them. Caught up in the violence in his area, Jeremy and his son were kidnapped by a ruthless warlord.

She Grew Her Investment and Her Faith

As Cecelia stepped inside the humble house made of soil bricks, the laughter of school children walking to fetch water in the distance echoed off the metal roof.

She Thought Suicide Was the Answer

Faraja wept and fell to her knees, she didn’t have the strength to go on. As she looked down at the dusty road before her, she came up with a plan to commit suicide.