Transformational Leadership in Africa (TLAfrica) recently organized a seminar tailored for pastors and church leaders in Kavumbu, Makueni County, Kenya. The seminar, held on March 14th and 15th, 2024, served as a platform for empowering church leaders within the community.  Pastor Dedan Mutuku, the lead Pastor of AIC Kavumbu church, invited several local pastors across multiple denominations. In total, 27 participants comprising of 20 women and 7 men, attended for two days of impactful training. Among the participants there were 8 pastors whose churches have an average of 50 to 70 members. The seminar was facilitated by the Kenya office and Led by Pastor Amos Otieno, from Thika Road Community Chapel and Bible Life Fellowship Kenya.

Mr. Nelson Kilonzo, Director of Holistic Ministries, set the stage for the seminar by emphasizing the organization’s unwavering commitment to holistic development, and participants gained a deeper understanding of the organization’s vision and the pivotal role it plays in fostering positive change within the African context.

The theme of the seminar was ‘Godly Leadership’, not just within each individual church, but for the African Church as a whole. As they proceeded into teaching, participants delved into the multifaceted realm of Godly leadership, with discussions that emphasized the profound impact of virtuous leadership on societal progression. Central to this exploration was the recognition that vision serves as the cornerstone of effective leadership, igniting inspiration and propelling individuals towards collective goals. Drawing insights from the Old Testament, participants gained valuable lessons from the exemplary leadership of figures such as Moses and David, whose unwavering faith and visionary prowess shaped the course of history.

Moreover, the seminar provided a platform to dissect the paradigm of servant leadership, epitomized by the compassionate and selfless attributes of Jesus Christ. Through presentations and interactive sessions, participants were equipped with practical tools for leadership development, drawing inspiration from the Pauline perspective and its emphasis on nurturing leadership qualities rooted in humility, resilience, and unwavering faith.

Participants engaged in discussions touching on the contextual leadership challenges being presented and the real-world application in their own community, such as the fear of mentoring other leaders in order to protect one’s position. One of the primary challenge we faced in facilitating the seminar, was that some invitees were skeptical about participating in an event hosted by a different church, highlighting that interactions between different denominations in the area may require further encouragement. We are hopeful that the passion and purpose the participants expressed in conclusion of the event, will urge them to take the lead in bridging these gaps between denominations.

Pastor Amos stressed the importance of leaders nurturing their relationships with God. He advised participants to make following Christ their priority, saying that God’s wisdom would direct them in leading others. He explained that how they live speaks louder than what they say, especially to those they lead.

Throughout the 2 days, participants not only shared in the teachings, but also in meals, singing and dancing and received certificates for their participation. They lauded TLAfrica for organizing this seminar, and inviting not only pastors but also other church leaders who need to grow in their leadership. They expressed the need for further training seminars on issues related to marriage and family as captured in the testimonies below. Armed with the tools of servant leadership and inspired by the examples of Moses, David, and Jesus, participants carried with them not just knowledge, a clear vision, but a profound sense of purpose to be exemplars of transformative leaders.


David expressed his gratitude to TLAfrica for organizing the seminar, and made a heartfelt request that TLAfrica considers hosting another seminar. He said, “I have one request to make: please find another opportunity and come here for another seminar on families, especially the issue of marriage. We are witnessing couples breaking up. Instead of the husband and wife getting closer as their relationship progresses, we are seeing that they are instead growing apart.”

Irene said that this was the first training she was attending since 2020 when she left Nairobi for her village in Kavumbu. “I am happy to have been invited to this seminar. I have gained lessons to practice as a leader in the women ministry in our church. My main take away is on mentoring young women and leading them to help with our work. This will help reduce my work load and help others to learn and grow within the ministry. I am grateful to TLAfrica for this seminar. I want to request you to bring more training here so that we keep learning. This will also help TLAfrica to see the impact their work will make in our lives”.